Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Analyze the story. I want you to focus on the characters of the story. (Main characters, round, flat etc)


  1. Jennifer bruno

    the Secret Life ofWalter Mitty takes us through Walters mind as he daydreams about adventures he only dreams of enchanting. His wife, Mrs. Mitty, is an assertive woman who runs Walter's life. Walter has no anterior identity other than what Mrs. Mitty will allow. Walter daydreams of being in other situations to escape the all the things in life and make up he's own. Dreams such as a pilot in a battle get him into trouble with Mrs. Mitty. She claims he is driving too fast and lectures him for it. If Walter had his own identity and controlled his own life, long ago he would have told Mrs. Mitty back off that he know what he is doing. He is the way he is because the people around him are always controlling he’s way of acting or doing certain kinds of things. Walter is a little kid in mind stuck in a old boy. Mrs. Is always criticizing the way he acts and he’s errors and Walter is always imagining things instead of being concentrated in the real world.The story shows that Walter Mitty is a really stubborn person. When he was dropping off Mrs. Mitty, Mrs. Mitty told Walter Mitty not to forget the overshoes he was sopposed to buy while in he was town. Walter Mitty's reaction was "I don't need overshoes," but he did give in to his wife in the end, and bought the overshoes. Another incident that
    shows Walter Mitty is stubborn occurs when his wife told him to put his gloves on, then Walter Mitty puts them on, but when his wife is out of site he took them off immediately. The most obvious trait of Walter Mitty is his constant day dreaming. Throughout the whole story, Walter Mitty is being distracted easily by
    everyday events. His dreams turn these simple events into wild fantasies such as being a surgeon, bomber pilot and a captain of a sea vessel. An example of how he changes something from everyday life into a dream occurs
    when Walter Mitty is trying to remember what it was his wife had told him to get, then a paper boy went by shouting something about a trial. Walter Mitty quickly went into one of his day dreams and was suddenly on trial for murder in his dream.

  2. Jose Espada the secret life of Walter Mitty is a very peculiar story about a man who's constantly day dreaming and imaging things out of this world. According to the story, Mr Mitty is a whipped husband whose life about running errands for his wife and being told what to do. But in between dropping off his wife at the salon and going to the shoe store, he imagined wild adventures in which he was the protagonist.The movie and the story are completely different in the movie he was more like a mama's boy and in the story he's main role was a daydreamer with a lot of imagination and a powerful vision of a manipulated man by his wife.For me Mitty was more like a comedy character he's dreams and perspective of he's decisions are quit impressive,boby's world was the perfect interpretation of this old story that so far is a good one.to my understanding Walter Mitty's daydreams were a way for him to escape he's pathetic reality and immerse himself in adventures in wish he had control of everything ,creating a heroic alter ego for himself.

  3. Walter Mitty was a round character and his wife was a flat one , he was a weak person with a low self esteem. He is a man with a lots of feelings and emotions thanks to his wife constant manipulation. He really wants to be strong but his fear is more than his will to confront he's reality . Mitty have many changes in the course of the story but at the end he never change Jose Espada

  4. Lionel Aneudy Escobales Filippetti

    This story was at first incomprehensible, but as you read it a second time you began to understand. The main character, Walter Mitty, is my favorite character. He's daydreams are the most amazing and fun of any other I've heard before. He's a flat character, in my opinion, because no matter where he is, or how his life is going, he still himself. No matter where he was or with whom he was, if he got the chance he would daydream. His imagination is beyond reality and his stories are great in giving the right message. Every time he daydreams, it's about any topic he just remembered, saw or heard. His wife is a manipulative character, and every time she's controlling Walter's life and making him buy stuff for her. He always forget a few things and when he says that to her she gets mad and stuff. She's as well a flat character, because she's annoying at the beginning and equally annoying in the end.

  5. At first, the story cannot be understood, but the second time around you can pinpoint the flow of the story.Wally the main character of the story is imaginative. He seems crazy having all tose stuffs in his head. I can say that, he possess this not so good character. What is his view in nhis life? He is always the center of attraction. I mean, he must face the real world. He is dumb,as in. thanks to her wife.